Innovation Management: Strategies, Concepts and Tools for Growth and Profit

저자 : Maital 

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ISBN : 9780761935278

출판사 : Sage 

출판년 : 2007

페이지 : 460p, Paper

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Successful innovation-the key to competitive growth and profit-rests on disciplined management of the innovation process, from idea inception to customer service. This book answers, first, the key questions: why innovate? What to innovate? How to innovate? And who innovates? It then provides ten essential and practical tools to help innovators guide their ideas to marketplace success.

Innovation Management is a pioneer in this new and rapidly growing discipline. Supported by over a hundred international and Indian case studies and action-learning exercises?as well as a CD to illustrate all these concepts and strategies with video lectures and useful interviews?this book will be invaluable to business leaders and strategists, students of management, and practising managers. 


차 례

Strategies and Concepts for Innovation
The Innovation Imperative
Why Innovate?
The Innovation Portfolio
What to Innovate
The Innovation Voices
How to Innovate
The Innovative Mind
Who Innovates

Tools for Profit and Growth
Hidden Costs, Hidden Benefits
Optimizing and Eliminating Them
Cost Functions
'Survival of the Fittest'
People, Knowledge and Machines
In Search of a Free Lunch
Scale and Scope
Scaling Markets of One
Learning Curves are Made, Not Born
Where Is the Money?
Markets, Demand and Customer Intimacy
Calculating Risks
Decision-Making in an Uncertain World
Competing by Collaborating 


저 자

Shlomo Maital Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

D.V.R. Seshadri Visiting Faculty and affiliated to the N.S. Raghavan Center for Entrepreneurial Learning, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 

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