Human Relations in Organizations: Applications and Skill Building, 8/E (IE)

저자 : Robert N. Lussier 

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ISBN : 9780070171558

출판사 : McGraw Hill 

출판년 : 2010

페이지 : 672p, Paper

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As the subtitle indicates, Lussier’s Human Relations in Organizations: Applications and Skill Building employs a workbook-type approach. This approach is perfect for professors who want to incorporate activities and exercises into the classroom, and benefits students who want to understand concepts as well as apply and develop skills that they can use in their daily and professional lives. The book provides a balanced, three-pronged approach: a clear concise understanding of human relations/ organizational behavior concepts; the application of HR/OB concepts for critical thinking in the business world; the development of HR/OB skills. 


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Part I. Intrapersonal Skill: Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance Begin With You
1. Understanding Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance
2. Personality, Stress, Learning, and Perception
3. Attitudes, Self-Concept, Values, and Ethics
4. Time and Career Management

Part II. Interpersonal Skills: the Foundation of Human Relations
5. Interpersonal Communications
6. Organizational Structure and Communication
7. Dealing with Conflict

Part III. Leadership Skills: Influencing Others
8. Leading and Trust
9. Motivating Performance
10. Ethical Power and Politics
11. Networking and Negotiating

Part IV. Leadership Skills: Team and Organizational Behavior, Human Relations, and Performance
12. Team Dynamics and Leadership
13. Teams and Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
14. Organizational Change and Culture
15. Valuing Diversity Globally
Appendix A. Applying Human Relations Skills 


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Robert N. Lussier Springfield College 

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