Children and Their Art : Methods for the Elementary School, 7/E

저자 : Hurwitz 

역자 :  

가격 : \38,000 

ISBN : 0155074385

출판사 : Wadsworth 

출판년 : 2001

페이지 : 480p, Harcover

도서문의: 아카데미프레스(TEL.02-3144-3765)


This comprehensive resource for teaching art to children combines the latest thinking about the teaching of art with focus on providing a balanced art program. The authors provide all of the information necessary to plan, execute, and evaluate a successful program for both classroom and art teachers. The material is presented in a clear and understandable manner and is appropriate for undergraduates. 


차 례

1. Foundations of art education : children, art, and society
2. Art education in contemporary classrooms : issues and practices
3. Children's artistic development : how children grow and learn
4. Children with special needs : art for all children
5. Talented children : the nature of artistic giftedness
6. Drawing : at the heart of the studio experience
7. Painting : at the heart of the studio experience
8. Sculpture and ceramics
9. Printmaking
10. New media : ideas and earthworks - computers to lasers
11. Design : art language and application
12. Art criticism : from classroom to museum
13. Art history : other times and places
14. Aesthetics : philosophy in the art room
15. Visual culture in art education
16. Methods for teaching art : classroom practice
17. The social dimension : collaborative art activities and instructional games
18. Curriculum : background, planning, and organization
19. Classroom organization and exhibition of student work
20. Assessing student learning and achievement 


저 자

Al Hurwitz Maryland Institute, College of Art, Emeritus
Michael Day Brigham Young University, Emeritus 

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